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Cricket Ash Vac Replacement Bags

cricket ash vac bags

Replacement bags for the Cricket Ash-Vac Model #8008042 Part #0913 Also available are the replacement bags for the older Cricket Ash-Vac Model # FP002 Bag #FP0970

High Density Fire Retardent Bags (For cold ashes only)

  • Double Filters

  • Clean Disposal

  • Traps Fine Particles



  • 3 Filter Bags

  • 3 Filter Bag Plugs

  • 2 Secondary Filters

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If you are not sure which bags you need, Take a look at how the hose is attached to your vacuum. If the hose attaches on the top of the vacuum, then you will need to order the newer type bags #8008042, if you have the hose that attaches to the side of the vacuum, then you will need to order the FP model bags FP0970. Remember not to vacuum hot ashes in your Cricket Ash Vac. Vacuum attachment shown is not included.

New model Ash Vac Bags #80008042 are Out Of Stock! We have the FP model FP0970 bags in stock in limited supply.

Customer Note: The older style bags will not fit the newer vacs. If your vacuum hose mounts on the top of the vac then the newer style bags are what is needed and those are out of stock. If your hose mounts on the side of the vacuum then you need the FP style bags. Out Of Stock!



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